Inspirational Automotive + Lifesyle Photog's

During the course of the past 12 months - the following 5 Instagram feeds have become personal favorites.


The all have strike a powerful connection with people, and their passion for cars, captured with a classical style & with an‘eye’ for the moment - all these photog’s provide me with inspiration to shape my own personal style.

  • Rob Cooper -obsessive about classic cars

  • Rico Customs - café racers & air cooled Porsche - hand-built projects

  • Bart Kuykens - air cooled Porsche, and Leica Film, masterful imagery

  • Amy Shore - captures life & wheels in a very unique, and elegant fashion

  • Steffanie Rheinstahl - you can just feel the passion with her beautifully made images

In the coming year I’m embarking on a new project ( another book ), whilst not 100% closed out, the concept will be owners favorite design element of their car.

Enjoy these feeds


‘My name is Jason, Jason Bourriague!’

Jason ( @stellathebus ) is no stranger to the big stage - check him out at E3 - so the crew at Rain City Supercars made extra effort. Doning their Sunday best, complete with pocket squares, they gave Jason full tour of the immaculate showroom at Drivers Club. Obviously drawn to everyone’s favorite car the Aston Martin DB4gt prior to commencing the ‘interview’. I say interview because it’s more ‘improv’ - hilarious, yet they still managed to talk cars - specifically Jason’s obvious passion for VAG vehicles. His garage comprises 2 VW vans, Audi RS4 and recently acquired R8 V10 Spyder and other stuff.

Always fun to see John & Chloè - coffee in hand as always!

Anyway, I digress, here’s a few BTS images below, and the podcast can be listened to HERE

Enjoy! Karl