A Short Trip to England

Given the opportunity of a business trip to Paris, I took advantage to visit family & friends in the UK.

The 'beast from the east' weather pattern swooped through - making for some dramatic views of farm land.

Was great to drive around my old haunts - doesn't seem like 10 years since I moved to US.



A New Year !

A new look for 2018 - re-launching Englishman-in-Seattle III with a more focused set of images as I try to define & refine my photography craft.

  • Landscapes - exploring how I capture the real mood that I feel
  • Adventures - the fun of exploring with Paddy & Finn
  • Automotive - less cars, more cars in the environment with proud owners
  • Street - alternative views of familiar sights
  • People - just people, just people going about their business

Looking at less is more, my aim to populate with 1-2 new images we per week, and to blog sharing the behind-the-scenes. 

Hope you like the new content