Inspirational Automotive + Lifesyle Photog's

During the course of the past 12 months - the following 5 Instagram feeds have become personal favorites.


The all have strike a powerful connection with people, and their passion for cars, captured with a classical style & with an‘eye’ for the moment - all these photog’s provide me with inspiration to shape my own personal style.

  • Rob Cooper -obsessive about classic cars

  • Rico Customs - café racers & air cooled Porsche - hand-built projects

  • Bart Kuykens - air cooled Porsche, and Leica Film, masterful imagery

  • Amy Shore - captures life & wheels in a very unique, and elegant fashion

  • Steffanie Rheinstahl - you can just feel the passion with her beautifully made images

In the coming year I’m embarking on a new project ( another book ), whilst not 100% closed out, the concept will be owners favorite design element of their car.

Enjoy these feeds