A bunch of Brit's talking about Bavarian cars!

Back in December, during a traditional festive gathering of British folk at Bellevue Brewing, Master Collector Mr Peter Gleeson kindly offered to host a tour of his famed collection of mostly unique BMW’s

Well, after a few postponements due to record setting levels of snow fall in Seattle, we finally got the show on the road today (Sunday 24th Feb). The same bunch of Brit’s and very special friends gathered at Drivers Club, Redmond. Good banter was had amongst the rugby following crowd, as Amanda gracious demonstrated art of expresso by putting lovely the Slayer Expresso machine to work.

Amanda explaining how to make the perfect expresso

Amanda explaining how to make the perfect expresso

As the clock struck 10:00am we got everyone into formation for the 20-25min drive to Peter’s collection. Despite a few snafu’s ( aka we had a few stragglers ) we arrived at Peter’s collection in time for more coffee and lot’s of sugar coated snacks.

As always, the stories began to flow. Peter had the crow roaring with laughter immediately upon arrival (we did not wait for Alex & Jamie who got lost hehe!) Not all his beloved BMW’s are present - three of his babies are looking after each other at Americas Car Museum :-) "Heroes of Bavaria" exhibition including his personal favorite - BMW Factory CSL Rally car along JPS 635 CSI which raced in Australia/New Zealand, and factory ‘Diet Coke’ E36 Supertouring car… (thanks for the correction Peter :-) )

Amongst the famed collection is a relatively new addition - Alpina Works race car from 1969. The story of this special car as told by Peter;

Alpina Works race car from 1969

Alpina Works race car from 1969

“When Alpina decided they wanted to create a race team, they ordered five new 2002 ti's from BMW, four as race cars and one as a street car for Burked Bovensiepen personal use, with the four cars to be the first four Alpina works race cars. All built in sequence and Herr Linke ( Bovensiepens mechanic) was sent to BMW to advise on production and how Alpina wished the cars delivered.

All four cars raced in 1969 for Alpina, two have been destroyed and only one of the four is now known to exist. That particular car was sold to an Englishman, who used a little in 1970, then the car was put in storage exactly how it raced in 69/70.

Just to add to the "kid in a candy store" feeling for me, its almost completely original as it raced in the 1969 season, which as we all know for a race car is almost unheard of.

The earliest Alpina works car will sit next to the earliest 2002 Turbo, completing my desire for the best I can find street and race car from the periods I personally love in BMW's history.”

Then, off we went to here Peter regale us of many more stories over lunch - those stories are not for these pages :-)

Thanks Peter for an amazing education on sporting BMW race car history