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Once I again I was lucky enough to win auction tickets to tour the car collection of one of our past presidents - Jon Shirley .

Last Friday was the day, I’ve been able to tour this collection several times but it never gets old and year-after-year I happily bid more and more to ensure I get another chance and give back in so doing.


I was especially happy to see many old friends - somewhat of a spontaneous reunion as we wondered around the collection.

I always find myself pondering what it must have been like to pedal these automotive wonders back in the day, lot’s of power, big wooden steering wheels and the smallest of wheel/tires ( by towards modern standards)


Enough chatting - it' was time for Fred Russell to share the stories of the collection, everyone was in awe - 250 GTO, 375MM, 250 GT California, 500 Mondial ( 1 of 2 ) this list goes on ( oh, almost forget the Ferrari F1 Car). Manh of the cars have celebrity associations, winning race pedigree, pure rarity with stories behind them and endless list of top honors from the worlds most accamed judged shows.

“I have the tough job of sharing stories with guests, driving the cars around, and showing them at events,”

- Fred Russell, Curator…


Wonderful evening, till next year!