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When it comes to key specs of a supercar  - most people tend to ask 'how fast to 60mph?', 'What's it top speed?", and "how many horses?'. Especially when we're talking about a Ferrari 812 Superfast as those specs are impressive - 

  - Engine 6.5 L 800 HP V 12 Horsepower 800 hp

  - Top speed 211 mph

  -  0-60 2.8 secs and Quarter Mile 10.2

But, when it comes to shooting a showroom fresh 812 for it's proud owner, the important specs are;

  - Length 183.3 in

  - Width 77.6 in

  - Wheelbase 107.1 inch

A truly epic car - at 183.3 it's only bested Lamborghini Aventador SVJ - so it requires special lighting equipment and that's what we have at in North Bend, WA at Epic Exposure. A full service commercial photography studio consisting of nearly 3,000 square feet of shooting space offering Automotive Photographers 25’ automotive turntable with large 5×15 continuous movable overhead lightbox


Before & After

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